The Arete Prep Lunch Program is managed and distributed by our Parent Service Organization volunteers with all the profits going directly back to the Parent Service Organization. Arete Preparatory Academy has partnered with My HotLunchBox to provide a secure, fast, and easy online ordering system that allows parents to view our lunch menu, order, prepay and manage student lunches on the web. This program is open to all students, faculty and staff at Arete Prep.

PSO Coordinators: Christine Fornoff —



CLICK: “Create Account” under the Customer field

CREATE: Fill in all required fields to create your account and be sure
to add a profile for each individual you are ordering for!

For technical problems or questions regarding food, policies, missed or late
orders, credits, and cancellations, please email or
call (888) 894-8295

Frequently Asked Questions

Who prepares and delivers the meals?
We work with a variety of local, high-quality restaurants that your children know and
love! These vendors are pre-approved by My Hot Lunchbox, and they are expected to
be prompt and deliver hot, fresh meals to your child’s school.

How do I create an account?
Ready to take the hassle out of lunch? Click the link below and follow the instructions to
create your free My Hot Lunchbox account! Set Up your My Hot Lunchbox Account

How do I create a profile for my child?
Log into your My Hot Lunchbox account and select the ‘My Profiles’ tab on the left
sidebar. Click ‘Add Profile’ and fill in your child’s first & last name, type of organization
(school or camp), organization name, teacher and/or grade, if applicable. Click ‘Add
Profile’ again once you’re done!

How can I see what’s on the menu?
Once you have created your free account, you can view daily menus on the Lunch
Calendar by selecting the day of the week and the profile you’d like to place an order
for. You can also view any pending or paid orders by selecting the ‘My Cart’ tab on the
left sidebar.

When do I need to place my order each week?
The deadline for placing, editing, or canceling orders is 12 PM (noon) the day before
delivery UNLESS your school has specified a different deadline.

How do I place an order?
Log into your My Hot Lunchbox account, click on the ‘Lunch Calendar’, and select the
day and profile you would like to place an order for. This will populate the lunch menu
and you can select the items you would like to order.
Once the items are selected, click the ‘Add to Order’ button and your meal(s) will be
added to your cart. You can continue placing orders for future dates or you can click
on the ‘My Cart’ tab and proceed to check out and pay for the meals.
Helpful tip: If you would like to repeat the same meal for a specific day of the week for
the semester, check the repeat box in the lower-left corner. You are also able to
process all meals and have your card charged weekly by selecting “Activate
Subscription” under My Cart/Subscription.

**Don’t forget! All orders must be placed, edited, or canceled before 12:00 PM (noon)
the day PRIOR to delivery.**

How do I edit an order?
Log into your My Hot Lunchbox account, go to the Lunch Calendar, select the profile
associated with the order you’d like to make changes to, and click ‘Edit’. This will take
you to the lunch menu for that particular day where you can make changes or add to
your order. Don’t forget to check out after you have made changes/additions!
**Friendly Reminder: All orders must be placed, edited, or canceled before 12:00 PM
(noon) the day PRIOR to delivery.**

What is the difference between Subscription and Repeating Orders?
It all comes down to when you want to pay for your lunch. When you choose to repeat
an order, the order is copied for the entire ordering period (semester). All of these lunch
orders are then added to your cart and you must pay for them, in full, at checkout.
Activating your subscription allows you to order all at once and pay weekly! When you
subscribe to an order, the order is copied for the entire semester or open ordering
period, and you are ONLY charged on Saturday for the following week’s order.

What happens if my child is absent and I miss the deadline to cancel my
We completely understand that life can be unpredictable and we do try to be as
accommodating as possible with our ordering deadline. We are unable to cancel any
orders after 12:00 PM (noon) the day prior to delivery (this deadline might be earlier
depending on your school). Our reports lockout, even to us, as our restaurant partners
need ample time to download these reports and prepare for their upcoming delivery.
In the event of an absence, we recommend contacting your school about sending
your lunch home with another student, offering your lunch to a teacher, or scheduling a
time for your lunch to be picked up.

Will I receive a refund for a canceled meal?
Any meal canceled in our system creates a credit on your account. This credit never
expires and it is automatically applied the next time you check out. We typically do not
issue a refund on a credit balance unless you are closing your account (ex. a student is
leaving the school). However, if you prefer, we are happy to refund you the credit
balance less the 3% processing fee.

How do I add or adjust my method of payment?
To add a new method of payment, click on your name on the left sidebar, select
‘Payment Info’, enter your new card information and save. We accept Visa,
Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
If you have any additional questions,
please contact My Hot Lunchbox at (888) 894-8295 or

Thank you for participating in our school lunch program!

The lunch program exists because of you and our parent volunteers. We welcome any additional help and donations. Contact us at to contribute to your child’s health and education.