Outcomes and Results

At Great Hearts we seek to prepare all our scholars for acceptance into their first choice university.  Our graduates go on to many of the most prestigious universities both in-state and across the nation.  We are especially proud of the fact that over 7 out of 10 of them earn merit-based scholarships.  Below is a summary of some of the factors we measure.

We encourage you to explore beyond these numbers – come visit our campus and ask us about how our graduates are thriving at college, how many are completing their studies within 4 years and what they are going on to achieve in their careers.

arete graduation stats

The class of 2021 by the numbers:

    • 45 graduates
    • $2,797,900 in merit-based scholarships
    • 70% of our grads earned some form of merit aid
    • 2 students enlisted in the military, 21 students graduated with Honors, 115 total college acceptances
    • The average SAT score was 1233, +173 over the national average
    • The average ACT score was 26, +5.4 points above the national average