Arete Prep offers two types of Non-athletic Extra Curriculars:

Volunteering and Enrichment Courses.

Volunteering opportunities provide avenues for students to assist the school in organizing events, peer support, and mentoring. No fee is required to join these opportunities. Arete Prep also has a program called Heart4Others that provide volunteering opportunities outside of the school. All current volunteering opportunities at Arete Prep are for High School students only. The current volunteering opportunities Arete is offering include:

Charger News Team
Mentor Program
Peer Tutoring
Student Life Team

Enrichment Courses are additional opportunities for students to receive instruction from the Academy’s faculty outside the ordinary school day. All enrichment courses are faculty run, with student leaders. Attendance is taken and the enrichment course will culminate with a final project at the end of the semester. Enrichment courses require a fee to join. Students can get credit for the enrichment course on their transcripts. Enrichment Course Arete currently offers includes:

High School and Middle School 
Art Society                                                                               
Guitar Lessons                                                                           

High School Only
Arete Book Review
Canta Bella Choir
Sports Medicine
Theatre Lab

Registering for Extra Curriculars

To register for extra curriculars you can pay your registration fee with cash, check, or card at the front office or online with our payment portal. You can also click on a extracurricular’s link and there you will find a direct link to the payment portal for that extra curricular. Volunteering Opportunities do not have a fee to join.

Extra Curriculars at Arete Prep continue to be driven by members of our faculty and reflect the levels of student interest and engagement on campus. For more information please contact the ECNA Director, Mr. Narish.

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