Alumni Testimonials

Below you will find videos and written testimonials of our alumni highlighting what they are currently working on and how Arete Prep and a liberal arts curriculum has provided a strong foundation for their future pursuits.

“What I’ve learned from Exeter” – Alumni Testimonials

“I would say that Exeter not only changes the way in which you learn math, but also changes the way you analyze things in your daily life. It allows for a new way to think about problem solving that I have carried with me throughout high school and college which has helped me a lot!” – Alum, Class of 2019

“Exeter is the most engaging math class I’ve ever taken. Rather than memorizing formulas and working independently, we collaborated and truly enjoyed the process of learning.” – Alum, Class of 2019

“Exeter is a lot of fun if you keep up with it. Never be afraid to ask for help because that is part of the whole process, and the majority of people who understand the topic will enjoy explaining it to someone else; it is beneficial for everyone. There is always going to be someone who understands a certain topic better than you and someone who understands it worse, but the moment you give up and say it’s not for me and let yourself get behind is when it stops being fun. Always try to have fun and stay engaged and you will get the most out of it and college math will be a lot easier. College professors kind of suck when it comes to teaching individual students, so the more you can learn with the teachers you have there the better.” Class of 2019

“Exeter allows you to explore math in a fun way and learn concepts yourself. It is way better than someone teaching you a method and solving a bunch of identical problems. Exeter is so helpful for preparing for college math as well because it promotes understanding rather than memorization.” – Class of 2019

“As a sophomore studying aerospace engineering I can definitely say that Exeter is a lot like what you are going to see in math on a University level. Even if there’s something new, or a Professor teaches it differently, chances are after surviving Exeter you’ll have the skill set to be able to grasp whatever they throw at you.” -Class of 2019

“Exeter is the only math curriculum I’ve come across to show the beauty of math. Every other program I’ve taken is completely pragmatic; They tell you what to do and when to do it, but they don’t let you discover why it works. Exeter is the reason I love math, and no other program comes close to doing what it does.” -JB

“Exeter might not be the way you *want* math problems to work, but it’s the way math works in the real world. no one is going to be there to tell you what concept to apply and when. going into engineering school with Exeter in my back pocket kind of felt like having a secret weapon, and it was the biggest confidence boost I could’ve asked for.” -Class of 2019

“Exeter is challenging. It really pushes you to think outside of the box and develop a deeper understanding of math. No matter how frustrating it can be, I can promise you that the struggle is worth it. Nothing beats the pride and joy that you feel once you solve an Exeter problem. Embrace the struggle, embrace the learning experience, and just have fun.” – Class of 2019

Alumni Advice to current students

“Be an active learner and take part in groupwork, don’t sit back and watch as the other members do the work because that’s a good way to get lost, ask questions as you go!! Learn how to work with others because I can truly say as a sophomore in college, groupwork never goes away, you’re always going to be working with others.” -Alum, Class of 2019

“Lean on your peers. It is a group learning process and you will be of great help to them as they will be of great help to you. It’s a great opportunity to be curious and deep dive topics that interest you.” – Alum, Class of 2019

“I would tell them to embrace the struggle. it’s easy to want to be right all the time, but it’s harder to want to understand everything you’re encountering. if you do the latter you’ll enjoy the process and still end up with the grade.” – Class of 2020